Staff Directory

**Drake Families, if you emailed a staff member and have not received a return communication within 24 hours, please contact the office. We strive to be prompt in every communication and sometimes technology is glitchy.
 Attendance Line 303-982-1517      
Aguilar, Sophie 303-982-1510 Paraprofessional [email protected]  
Berger, Jason 303-982-1519 Physical Education [email protected]  
Brinkman, Holly 303-982-1496 Vocal Music [email protected]  
Bruno, Faye 303-982-8308  Clinic Aide [email protected]  
Carpenter, Annie 303-982-5638 Math [email protected]  
Chubb, Kori 303-982-1498 Teacher Librarian [email protected]  
Clem, Brenda 303-982-9681 Financial Secretary [email protected]  
Conner, Jessica 303-982-4811 Language Arts [email protected]  
Conway, Pete 303-982-1503 Social Studies [email protected]  
Coy, Ruth Ann 303-982-0605 Music [email protected]  
Cudnowski, Thea 303-982-5727 ELA [email protected]  
Curtland, Tamme 303-092-1510 Para [email protected]  
Despain, Sheri 303-982-1510 Cafeteria Manager [email protected]  
DeFord, McKenzie 303-982-1510 Para [email protected].us  
Donohue, Adam 303-982-1481 Science [email protected]  
Dubray, Tray  303-982-5990  Social Worker [email protected]  
Dunn, Rachel 303-982-1494 Art [email protected]  
English, Brian 303-982-1527 Social Studies [email protected]  
Ewald, Rebecca 303-982-5888 Counselor 7th Grade [email protected]  
Everding , Kelly 303-982-1489 Math [email protected]  
Feir, Mindi 303-982-1621 Principal [email protected]  
Flannery, Brandi 303-982-5158  SPED [email protected]  
Ferguson, Kat  303-982-1593 Paraprofessional [email protected]  
Frey, Julie 303-982-1510 Paraprofessional [email protected]  
Fullmer, Christine 303-982-5746 SLP [email protected]  
Green, Pamela 303-982-3501 Social Studies [email protected]  
Gallegos, Joella  303-982-3854 SRO [email protected]  
Hack, Mike 303-982-6135 Social Studies [email protected]  
Hadzic, Belma 303-982-1510 Facilities Manager [email protected]  
Harmon, Jane 303-982-3202 ESL [email protected]  
Hippely, Calvin 303-982-1501 Science [email protected]  
Hodson, Amanda 303-982-1434 Counselor 6th Grade [email protected]  
Hoeft, Amanda 303-982-1520 Math [email protected]  
Hoorelbeke, Sean 303-982-8733 Assistant Principal -6th [email protected]  
Jaeger, Andrew 303-982-1450 Spanish [email protected]  
Jacobsen, Theresa 303-982-4144 FACS [email protected]  
Jacobson, Karina 303-982-  Math [email protected]  
Johnson, Michelle 303-982-7348 Social Studies [email protected]  
Jones, Harmony 303-982-1539 Electives [email protected]  
Kassowitz, Mike 303-982-2142 Math [email protected]  
Kelsey, Ken 303-982-1391 Science [email protected]  
Kelley, Angie 303-982-1459  JCMH [email protected]  
Krattenmaker, Tyler  303-982-2622 SPED [email protected]  
Legg, Bonnie 303-982-1537 Counselor -8th grade [email protected]  
Lockwood, Carine 303-982-1078 Language Arts/ Social Studies [email protected]  
Lovato, Megan  303-982-1510  Paraprofessional Library [email protected]  
Maddock, Sara 303-982-2162 Assistant Principal - 8th [email protected]  
Martin, Ranae 303-982-1191 Math [email protected]  
Miller, Danielle 720-315-3853 Nurse  [email protected]  
Morey, Ramona 303-982-1533 Principal Secretary [email protected]
 303-982-4112 Assistant Principal 7th Grade [email protected]
Mulberry, Aubrey  303-982-2629 Spanish [email protected]  
Murnan, Susan 303-982-9169 Social Studies [email protected]  
Nataluk, Laura 303-982-3810 ESS [email protected]  
Nelson, Gina 303-982-5734 Technical Education [email protected]  
Perko, Kim 303-982-1403 Language Arts [email protected]  
Oxenfeld, Abbey 303-982-3296 SLP [email protected]  
Reeke, Mike 303-982-9772 Science [email protected]  
Rome, Shawna 303-982-1490 Attendance Secretary Registrar [email protected]  
Scarlata, Julie 303-982-1510 IC [email protected]  
Schmelzer, Susan 303-982-3179 Science/Health and Wellness [email protected]  
Schacht, Matt 303-982-8832 SELS [email protected]  
Smanyaphirak, Roxanne 303-982-7999 Math [email protected]  
Stubenbort, Brenna   303-982-2625 Social Worker [email protected]  
Smith, Michelle 303-982-1617 ELA [email protected]  
Swartz, Debra 303-982-1096 Language Arts [email protected]  
Towber, William 303-982-1523 Creative Computing/Broadcasting [email protected]  
Ulmer, Teresa 303-982-1550 Science [email protected]  
Underwood, Jacob 303-982-3727 Science [email protected]  
Vasquez, Leon 303-982-1112 Science [email protected]  
Vera, Margaret 303-982-9894 Spanish [email protected]  
Wicke, Laurel 303-982-1492 Drama [email protected]  
Williamson, Michael 303-982-5646 Social Studies [email protected]  
Wilson, Kim 303-982-1484 Instrumental Music [email protected]  
Wolf, Laura 303-982-1465 Language Arts [email protected]  
Zamora, Justan    PE [email protected]  

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